Small cash desks MOP2

All serving fare devices such MOP/MOP2 allow dispensing of tickets for the national rail passenger transport and urban bus, with the accounting distinguishing individual segments or carriers. The device also issued tickets for local border traffic MPS is able to issue the tickets in foreign currency (EUR typical).

Into cash MOP/MOP2 can be implemented information system related MIDOS. In this case, use the interaction of systems, ie the search links can issue a ticket without the need for re-election ticket and VV for the issuance of a ticket can search for connection.

The device works on the principle of calculating algoritmic role of transport links and tariff dependencies in real time. This principle is achieved by creating a ticket by the immediate customer needs.

In rail transport to the ILO issued all kinds of tickets at the box offices as UNIPOK or POP.

The railway is transmitted to the accounting and statistical data are transformed into a standard format and then outputs the same as POP. In terms of follow-up processing of output reports and files, these devices are fully compatible.

Like Treasury POP can use checkout MOP/MOP2 for sale (retail) goods or food, and in different VAT rates and in different combinations of currencies.

MOP2 - screenshot main screen

MOP2 - screenshot main screen