Mobile cash systems for goods selling

We are able to create any cash system in which the sale of goods carried out primarily on mobile devices (handheld, PDA, smartphone etc).  Our systems are always

  • ergonomicly designed
  • safe
  • easy for operation
  • easily incorporable into larger systems
  • adapted for all customer's wishes

Sale of goods on airplanes' boards

As a flagship product of our company in the category of mobile cash systems can certainly be considered the system for selling goods on boards of Czech Irlines airplanes.

The system consists of 95 mobile cash HHC (Casio IT-3000, equipped with a probe of bank cards with magnetic stripe and 1D/2D barcode scanner), some of communication habitats, providing HHC communication with the central data warehouse, and last but not least, the components in these data repository.

Basic operations performed on-board airplanes

Pre-sale transactions

  • User Login
  • Set parameters of the flight (in the future to add the desired results as pre-flight checks)
  • Input controle of goods and cash

Sale transactions

  • Selection of goods reading the bar code, select from the catalog sorted into groups, direct typing goods (à la T-9)
  • Monitoring of goods in the stock (in shopping cart)
  • Application of proper list price, VAT and excise duty on the basis of source and destination of the flight
  • Promotions
  • Payment authorized by any combination of currencies and embossed cards (including the monitoring of authorized limits for payment by credit card), to refund in any combination of currencies
  • Blocking of payment cards
  • The possibility of cancellation of one or more items or entire purchase
  • Reprint receipts

After-Sales Operation

  • Closing inspection
  • Summary prints

Additional functionality

  • Communication with related systems (storage, credit card Center, central box office)
  • Service and Control Operations